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Scare Events

Our pop up medieval night is in a secret location in Epping Forest – it is very atmospheric with only candlelight to light the way – there is no mod cons like electricity, gas or water! But there is a gorgeous authentic open fire. P.S there is a toilet! If you would like to meet the medieval King, he will preside over the guests and should any of you upset him you will be sent out to the stocks or cellar! Do not miss this fabulous night!

Come and see what Gothic scares are happening in the depths of Epping Forest!! Meet our quirky storyteller and our wealth of intriguing characters along the way. You will have to have eyes in the back of your head to see what lurks around each corner of the grounds!  If you enjoy being scared, this is where you want to be.

Bespoke nights and different locations, at your request, are available. Please contact us for more information.

Book your scare night with actors now!!! Birthday, celebration, to make any event different to the rest. Lots of fun!

Scare Night at North Weald Station - Saturday 19th October - Tickets £59.88 (this includes 2 course meal and 2 drinks) - Click here for tickets!

Scare Night at Gardens of Hanbury - Saturday 26th October - Tickets £49.10 (this includes 2 drinks) - Click here for tickets!

What is it all about???!!! Check out our videos below.

Halloween - video

All Hollows Eve - video

Fright Night - Video

Clown in Cemetry - video

Ghost Hunts

If you would like to come to a ghost hunt, please look at dates below or contact to book a ghost hunt for any other date. We will show people how to protect themselves, provide paranormal equipment and help people sense into what is there. Our lead investigator has over 30 years of experience.

Ghost Hunt at:

Ghost Hunt at North Weald Train Station coming soon!

Ghost Hunt at Waltham Abbey Town Hall on Saturday 21st September - Tickets £32.93 - Click here for tickets!

Ghost Hunt Gardens of Hanbury on Friday 4th October - Tickets £32.93 - Click here for tickets!

Hand made models

We can decorate your party venue with props and our handmade models or you can hire the scary handmade models and props. These handmade models can be bespoke or if you have a theme for your party then we can advise the type of models that you may want or look at our gallery of models and choose from there. For more information, please contact us.

Paranormal Investigations

My name is Jan and I am a medium of over 20 years’ experience and my speciality is to rid your home, place of work or a person of negative energies. I have 2 other mediums who work with me. We are located in London and Essex.

We can see what negative energies are around and we use specialised electronic equipment during investigations. 

We have a wealth of different experiences which has made us well equipped for any situation.

If you are experiencing possible paranormal activity in your home or place of work, and would like help, please contact us.  We are discreet, objective, honest and we're always happy to try and help put your mind at rest.  We will, of course, respect your privacy and our investigation will remain confidential if you so wish.

Please see link to one of many paranormal situations we have dealt with:

Terrorized by a Demon

Ghost Cleansing for Susie's House

Haunting's in Essex part 1

Haunting's in Essex part 2

Ghost Hunt at Waltham Abbey